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Camelsdale Primary

A Flying Start to a Learning Life

welcome to Year 3

The Dolphins are our Year 3 class. 

Their class teacher is Mrs Owen and the Teaching Assistant is Mrs Gray.

The Year 3 Learning Journey

The year begins with our topic of ‘The Stone Age through to the Iron Age’’ where the children learn all about this early period of history and how people lived. This topic links with our arts curriculum too where children create cave art, make Mesolithic and Neolithic houses and create Stone Age themed dances. In science we study the different types of rocks and create our own rock collections.  Our learning culminates with a visit to Stonehenge to see primary evidence from this period.

In the spring term we climb aboard a ‘Voyage of Discovery’ and trace the adventures of explorers; from Tudor ‘New World’ seafarers to the daring Shackleton expeditions and space explorers of today. We visit the Mary Rose in Portsmouth to see what the ships in the Golden Age of Discovery were like. We will taste ‘New World’ foods and learn to cook some delicious meals using the exotic new ingredients.  In this term we also share our Spanish learning and stage a fashion show to family and friends.

The Summer Term’s theme is ‘The Rambling River’.  Here we investigate the features of rivers and study our local river Wey.  Our trip takes us to a tributary of the Wey in Selbourne.  Here we use field work skills by getting in the river.  Children learn about the river’s depth, measurements, velocity and the wildlife it sustains.  This term we also focus on plants and the human body in science.  We think about which foods keep us healthy and what makes a healthy balanced diet. We visit a local ice cream shop, design our own ice cream flavours and then enjoy evaluating the finished product which is produced by the local business for us.