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School Bank

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Camelsdale Primary School places good emphasis on developing the children's financial capability. The school has good links with Metro Bank  who deliver money lessons to Year 3 as well as sponsor the Junior Market day each year and welcome the children to the bank in Guildford. 

Year 6 are responsible for running the School Bank. This is open every Friday at 8.30am. The children can visit the bank to save their money as well as withdraw their money at a later date to purchase a much wanted item, take on holiday or even give to charity! The running of the bank is overseen by our School Business Manager. Parents can also use the bank to save up for the children's residential trips in Years 4/5/6 as part of the saving scheme.

Do open an account if you can with the children as we try to develop a generation of children who understand how money works and how to use it wisely.