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Road Safety Around School

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We have now had a couple of quite serious near misses outside school - we need to do something before a child gets seriously injured or killed.

It is very busy outside school at pick-up and drop-off times which we can't change but we can all work together to ensure we are parking and driving in the most safe way.

We have some suggestions below, and a member of staff from school will be on duty outside school to offer advice where we see potential problems.

  • It is prohibited to park in front of the Pre-School Hall - there are signs there to show this. Drivers that park here and reverse out have limited vision whilst crossing the main road that families use to get to the footpath along the side of School Road.
  • It is prohibited to park on the zig-zag lines outside of school. Parking here limits the view for families crossing the road as they leave school both after morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up.
  • Do not park in the drop-off zone outside school in the morning. The aim here is to "stop and go".
  • Parking on the grass verge opposite school is not safe. Parking here limits access to the footpath for people crossing the road to/from school.
  • Do not park on the white lines at the end of the pedestrian path by the Village Hall. This blocks the end of the footpath and the main crossing route for school.
  • Remember to use the unoffical one-way system when driving round to school. Come down New Road and drive up School Road (do not drive down the hill with school on the right).
  • Parking across people's drives / limiting their access is inconsiderate and potentially dangerous for drivers coming in / out of these drives.
  • 20mph really is plenty - could you stop if a toddler ran out in front of you?
  • Don't panic! If you are running late your child will automatically go to BAT Club at 3.30pm.