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Preventing Child On Child Abuse

As a school we will take this aspect of safeguarding seriously.

All staff are committed to look out for any such abuse and to deal with it quickly. This is achieved by:

1.     Providing a developmentally appropriate education curriculum in PSHRE  which develops pupils understanding of consent, acceptable behaviour, keeping themselves safe and healthy relationships.

2.    Having systems in place for any pupil to raise concerns with staff, knowing that they will be listened to, believed and valued. Pupils are encouraged to have at least two people in school they can go to.

3.    Delivering targeted work on assertiveness and keeping safe to those children identified as being at  such a risk.

4.    Developing robust risk assessments and providing targeted work for pupils identified as being a potential risk to other pupils.

5.    Providing clarity on how allegations of child-on-child abuse will be recorded, investigated, and dealt with. This is now using Bromcom.

6.   Having clear processes as to how victims, perpetrators and any other child affected by child-on-child abuse will be supported eg through the use of ELSAs.

7.    Providing a clear statement that abuse is abuse and should never be tolerated or passed off as “banter”, “just having a laugh” or “part of growing up”. See our Child Protection Policy.

 8.  Recognising the gendered nature of child-on-child abuse (i.e., that it is more likely that girls will be victims and boys’ perpetrators), but that all child-on-child abuse is unacceptable and will be taken seriously.