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Gaming & Mobiles

This page is designed to offer you advice and guidance when it comes to your child's time spent playing games online and/or on consoles and their use of mobile phones.

Please also see our regular updates to our Online Safety page of our website under Safeguarding for more support on these topics.

The Children's Commissioner's Report On Children's Views On Video Gaming

This recent report from The Children's Commissioner highlighted the following views expressed by children that you may wish to discuss at home:

  • Around two thirds of children say that games are beneficial to mental health and wellbeing.
  • There is pressure to have better gaming equipment.
  • Concerns over paid loot boxes.
  • Frustrations at adults not recognising the positives of gaming.

"Is my child old enough to have a phone?"

 Is a common, understandable question that gets asked by parents, but it's also one that is very difficult to answer as there are many factors involved.

 The Institute for Digital Media and Child Development have put together some tip sheets for parents which may be helpful when you come to make this decision. There are 3 parts:

  • Assessing readiness.
  • Preparing for healthy use.
  • What now?

You can view all the tip sheets here.