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Camelsdale Primary

A Flying Start to a Learning Life

welcome to year 1

The Polar Bears are our Year 1 class. 

The Polar Bear team are Mrs Caie and Mrs Russell (class teachers) and Mrs Gray (Teaching Assistant).

The Year One Learning Journey

Within the Polar Bear’s Learning Journey, the children access their learning through imaginative and exciting topics, which provide the foundations for our creative curriculum, interlinking themes and activities across all subjects.

In the Autumn Term, the Polar Bears begin their learning journey by exploring ‘Magical Story Land’. This term we share a wide variety of stories to explore the topic, including traditional stories and fairy tales. We spend time consolidating the phonics learning from Year R and look at alternative spellings for long vowel sounds. We practise our cursive writing and begin to write our own stories. We enjoy our science as we investigate the Seasons, the Human Body and our Senses. In history, we discover what it might have been like to live and work in a medieval castle; we enjoy drama as we assume the roles of a knight, a king, a queen or a servant.

Year 1 is a very busy, fun-filled year in which the children grow and develop hugely.

In the Spring Term, we go on a ‘Jungle Safari’. We research life in the jungle, endangered animals and the jungle weather and climate. There are plenty of opportunities for geography as we investigate maps and compare the features of our local area to a jungle zone. Sadly, we can’t manage a trip to the actual jungle but we do try to fit in a visit to Marwell Zoo this term! This topic sees us doing a lot of science as we learn about Animal Habitats and Classification. As the seasons change we observe the changes that spring brings in nature and look at the structure of plants; we also try to identify some common trees and flowers. In literacy, the children write poems and stories centred on the jungle theme.

In the Summer Term, the Polar Bears visit ‘Treasure Island’ and the classroom becomes an Underwater Fantasy World! The children explore underwater creatures to support their literacy work in information booklets and fantasy stories. We will visit Pagham Harbour to look for minibeasts on the sea shore. The class also get the opportunity to investigate how transport has changed over the years; from boats, to planes, to trains and cars… and even, space travel! In science, we explore the properties of a variety of Materials and consider which we might use to build our own mode of transport.

Year 1 is a very busy, fun-filled year in which the children grow and develop hugely. The Polar Bears’ Team love teaching in this incredibly rewarding year-group!