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Camelsdale Primary

A Flying Start to a Learning Life

welcome to Year 4

The Puffins are our Year 4 class.

The Puffin team are Mr Chitty (Class Teacher) and Mrs Bauer (Teaching Assistant).

Spring Term 2024 Class Letter

The Year 4 Learning Journey

Year 4 commences with ‘Operation Enigma’ during which the children explore what it was like to be in Britain during World War Two.  In October they visit Henley Fort in Guildford for an ‘Evacuee Experience’ where they have the opportunity to dress up as Air Raid Wardens and Home Guard soldiers, try their hands at bayonet drill, building road blocks, and use a stirrup pump to extinguish a fire! The term culminates in a V.E. Day celebration.

In the spring term the class travel back to the Roman Empire and explore everything from this fascinating period in history. They will take part in a Roman Battle; enjoy a Roman banquet and make mosaics inspired from this time.

They enter the land of the ‘Rainforest Rangers’ in the summer term, following the Amazon River through Brazil and comparing a rainforest climate to our temperate one. They learn about the birds and animals which make their homes in the layers of the rainforest canopy and experience tropical plants first-hand in the glasshouse at Wisley Garden. They become botanists as they learn to propagate and classify plants. Through their ‘Global Citizenship’ project the Puffins discover more about how people live in other parts of the world. The class choose a charity to support and fundraise to help make a difference to the lives of children who lack the very basic necessities of life.