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Fair Trade Policy

Camelsdale Primary School is proud to be a Fairtrade achiever school for the third time, totalling 9 years as an accredited Fairtrade school.

We believe that Fairtrade can make a difference to the lives of young people throughout the world by improving living and working conditions for the people who grow the things we buy.

Our school will:

  • Try to make sure that Fairtrade and Fairtrade issues, and the value of “fairness” are embedded into the curriculum, whole school activities and the culture of the school.
  • Promote Fairtrade in school and wider community, by taking part in Fairtrade Fortnight, completing Fairtrade challenges, holding Fairtrade assemblies and highlighting Fairtrade in newsletters and social media.
  • Make sure Fairtrade features in our School Improvement Plan.
  • Use Fairtrade products around the school wherever possible eg. in the staffroom, ingredients in cooking lessons.
  • Explore uniforms made with Fairtrade cotton.
  • Use the Fairtrade Awards on our website and stationery.
  • Make sure the School Council keeps putting our policy into practice and it is reported back through the curriculum committee of the Governing Body.

Link to Fairtrade Policy

Date: September 2020

Review September 2022

The School Council