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Anti-Bullying Policy

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We have an anti-bullying ethos/culture/environment which assists in the process of preventing undesirable behaviour.

We do not tolerate any form of bullying and all staff act, and are seen to act, firmly against it.

Children are encouraged to speak to any member of staff at any time about any such bullying and it is always taken very seriously.

Children are taught about what bullying is and how to cope with it and what to do if it arises. The strong message we communicate is: "We say NO to bullying at Camelsdale Primary School...It is Cool to be Kind."

Definition of Bullying

At Camelsdale, bullying means...

"Deliberately hurtful behaviour repeated over a period of time, and targeting one particular person again and again."

Such bullying can take the form of one or more of the following:

  • Physically - hitting, kicking, taking belongings for example.
  • Verbally - name calling, insulting, using racist remarks, teasing repeatedly in a nasty way.
  • Indirectly - spreading nasty stories about someone, excluding someone from the group, no one ever talks to them, standing by and watching someone being bullied and taking no action.
  • Cyber-bullying.

However, if two pupils have an occasional fight or quarrel this is not deemed to be bullying.

From a child's perspective...

"A bully is a person who makes life hard for others by deliberately picking on them for no reason. This happens more than once. It can be kicking, hair pulling and other things that hurt the body. It can be spreading rumours, name calling or threatening that hurts you inside and makes you feel afraid. Bullying is nasty. People get hurt if there is a bully around."

A parent information pack is available from the school based on the DFE "Don't Suffer In Silence" pack which provides useful support for parents on the issue of bullying.

Any behaviour / bullying incidents are recorded on Bromcom.

Parents are informed and the school works with the family / families to resolve the situation.