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Camelsdale Primary

A Flying Start to a Learning Life

School Houses

Which houses do we have?

We believe very much at Camelsdale in promoting and rewarding positive behaviour - nurturing individual and team efforts. On entering school, children join one of our house teams:

Green           Red           Blue           Yellow

Children earn house points for their team during each week for good work, good behaviour, kind or helpful deeds. Their points are added up each week and contribute to an overall house score. The winning house receives the house cup and enjoys an extra playtime and certificate at the end of each term.

Children in Year 5 hold House Captain responsibility and play a large part in sports day and the swimming gala when houses compete against each other. Siblings are placed in the same house. Year 5 also act as our Junior Road Safety Officers.  Year 6 pupils are elected as Head Boy/Head Girl, Prefects, Sports Ambassadors and Play Leaders.


Responsibilities by Year Group

Pandas – Year R                            Champions of Outdoor Learning!                                                          

Hedgehogs – Year 1                    Responsible for ringing the old School Bell at 8.55am

                                                     Responsible for making our Harvest Loaf                                                                                                                                                                    Turtles – Year 2                              Responsible for raising the School flag


Dolphins – Year 3                         Responsible for putting the “signal wellies” out


Puffins – Year 4                              Responsible for running the Play Store

                                                      Responsible for our School Fruit Scheme

                                                      Responsible for Poppy Day collection


Lemurs – Year 5                             Guardians of Marley Common

                                                      Responsible for the School Library

                                                      House Captains

                                                      Responsible for Assembly flowers

                                                      Responsible for delivering the Harvest parcels

                                                      Responsible as ‘Panda Pals’ for the induction of Yr R

                                                      Junior Road Safety Officers


Tigers – Year 6                          Ambassadors for the school at lunch time through                                                          ‘Office Duty Roles’

                                                       Prefects – act as School Visitor Guides

                                                       Sports Ambassadors

                                                       Head Boy/Head Girl – Ambassadors for our school

                                                       Lunch Servers

                                                       Play Leaders


All pupils take turns to do their School Lunchtime job.  There are also Digital Leaders and School Councillor roles across the school.