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Camelsdale Primary

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Our Wish List

This links to our School Development Plan

  • Year 2 tables and chairs/corner book unit/sink unit 
  • New staff room kitchen cupboards and repaint
  • Medical room and remodel office...refurbish disabled toilet
  • Junior toilets remodel/upgrade
  • New tables Y3 classroom
  • Clevertouch board in Group Room
  • Re-shelf Resources Room
  • Graphics on back Cafe Wall
  • Canopy over bottom playground
  • LED lights in classrooms
  • New Studio side gate and window
  • EYFS new shed
  • EYFS new trikes, scooters and balance bikes
  • EYFS Small World toys
  • Infant gym tables
  • New telephone system
  • New server (2025), Cloud resources, change to Windows 11
  • Add glass panel to Office door
  • Add perspex to back Cafe Wall

Completed Projects


  • New Early Years area and resources
  • Early years cycle garage installed
  • Canopy added to the Bandstand
  • New office furniture
  • New staffroom furniture following flood!
  • Year 1/R/staff room painted and Year R/1 cloakrooms
  • New carpets to Headteacher’s office and SBM office
  • Shelves fitted to lockers
  • Roof repaired and water tower dismantled
  • Bell tower refurbished
  • New Memory Garden installed
  • Staff toilets painted
  • Main corridor painted
  • Units fitted to year 6 cloakroom
  • New year 6 pro books bought (X 32)  and ‘lapsave’ trolley
  • £500 of new library/guided reading books
  • Magic Room new furniture
  • New outside tap installed near Studio
  • Musical instruments - £200


  • Asbestos free school now! (removed from boiler house, girls’ toilet floor and outside pipes)
  • Maze repaired
  • New Year 1 trimmer
  • Pavilion demolished and new kitchen and dining hall starts to be built!
  • Playground resurfaced and extended - including new drainage in bottom playground and a new under-ground pump!
  • Millennium Courtyard demolished and replaced with new astro-turf quiet seating area.
  • New corridor/office/staffroom/ Year 2 carpets
  • Seven Clever Touch boards installed!
  • New Forest School equipment purchased- includes a new mud kitchen!
  • Year 4 gulley roof repairs finished off after last year’s roof work.
  • PTA – new stocks built and stand.
  • Flag pole re-sited.
  • New boiler house metal doors.
  • New Premises Manager’s tool shed installed.
  • Musical instruments- £100
  • Mrs Vedde’s Trophies.
  • Hall thermostat moved
  • Year 2 radiator moved in light of new Clevertouch board.
  • New hand driers and water heater to year 5 and disabled toilet.


  • The building and setting up of Humphrey’s Café!
  • New playground drainage and tarmac resurfacing- includes car park and front of school
  • Hall roof patched and fixed
  • New hall lights
  • New whole school fire alarm system
  • Giant chess board and storage, 100 number square and mini- court installed
  • Eco roof shed repaired
  • Train refurbished
  • Wild School equipment purchased
  • Café tables bought by the PTA (£14000)
  • £500 ORT books
  • Early years furniture and resources
  • Musical instruments (£150)
  • Two new eco-planters made from recycled bottle tops for courtyard!
  • New pavilion installed and storage
  • New studio carpet and BAT Club resources bought- includes outdoor storage
  • New outdoor playstore container
  • New union flag - Mrs Venton!


  • ORT books (PTA £5000)
  • Artificial grass to bottom playground ledge
  • Dead hedge in the Secret Garden built/ bird hide taken down in Secret Garden following storm
  • Hall painted and area outside headteacher’s office to repair damp wall.
  • New emergency lights/fire extinguishers


  • New window for reception area - new desk in office
  • Kitchenette and store cupboard added to Humphrey’s Café , CJ’s Kitchenette fitted out
  • New phone line  in café
  • PTA buy new fridge freezer
  • Lettering in entrance hall and hall
  • Sign for the café
  • 6 I Pads for teachers and charging station
  • New server
  • Toilets re-painted- juniors
  • New projector screen in café
  • New projector/ screen in hall
  • New laptop/speakers and projector in the hall
  • 20 new Pro Books and charging trolley
  • £600 new library books from Book Fayre
  • New ORT Books (Stage 1)
  • Forest school resources
  • PE Sports balls etc


  • New Year 6 tables
  • New ceiling skylight in entrance hall
  • Year 6 classroom painted
  • New Tipee in Secret garden
  • New early years resources eg den/ book corner/ interactive Jolly Phonics (Approx. £900+)
  • 2 x laptops for SBM and HT
  • 2 x new gazebos
  • New topic book journals
  • External gutters, hoppers, pipework, fascias made good/ replaced.  Year 6 porch drain installed
  • New maths resource  work books
  • New boiler
  • 8 x laptops for teachers. 1 x DFE lap top
  • Webcams for classes and HT
  • Headphones
  • Raspberry Pie etc IT equipment for Code Club
  • PE Dodgeball set/new PE balls


  • Year 4/5 classrooms painted
  • New switches and WIFI points
  • 20 new laptops and trolley
  • iPad for Wild School and Music
  • Blinds for Cafe
  • New kitchenette in Office
  • New Sensory Room and blind for door
  • New blinds for Year R and Year 5 blinds fixed
  • Purchase of ELS Phonics Scheme
  • New Clevertouch board in Studio
  • New play train
  • New netball posts
  • Portable air con unit for Year 2
  • Reupholstered chairs in Group Room
  • Planting of Queen's Memorial Tree


  • New fire alarm
  • Tipee re-waterproofed