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Camelsdale Primary School is one of fourteen other rural primary schools within the Rother Valley. This covers 450 square miles of beautiful rural Sussex and creates an outstanding learning environment within which to help educate your child. Indeed, children in the Rother Valley are increasingly taught through a Forest School’s approach to teaching and learning.

A second unique feature lies in the fact that all fifteen primary schools now lead into Midhurst Rother College - an Academy which opened in January 2009 and which will see a brand new building in 2012.

A third unique feature of education in the Rother Valley lies in the fact that we all work together with a shared Locality Development Plan.We see the children’s Learning Journey as a continuous one from 0 - 19. Our Curriculum, our approach to teaching and learning, and our staffing, all support this innovative approach and ensure the children’s learning is indeed as personalised as possible.

Rother Valley Schools Website 

On the website you can find information about all the schools in the Rother Valley, there is a section for teachers and one for students with some fun games to play.

After Camelsdale... Where next?

Midhurst Rother College

Midhurst Rother College is an academy (an independently managed specialist state school) which serves students from 11 to 18 years of age. The aim of the College is that it will be a place where:

  • Students are free to achieve, belong and contribute;
  • Students feel safe, happy and valued;
  • Teachers can teach and students can learn in the very best
  • Extracurricular activities and taking on responsibility are an
    important part of everyday life;
  • Parents play a significant role in the education and wider College
    life of their children;
  • Students move on to higher education, further education or top
    quality training.

In brief, the College will foster a deep sense of belonging whilst encouraging a high level of achievement for all its students. The core strength of Midhurst Rother College is enhanced by the support it gains from sponsorship and partnership. The United Learning Trust (ULT), an educational charity that is the country’s largest single sponsor of academies, brings total devotion to ensuring young people in their schools succeed. ULT’s wealth of experience and skill is directed to ensuring the highest outcomes are achieved by each of its schools. The College is also in partnership with the University of Chichester and Winchester College. Our students will have access to the resources and staff
of these prestigious institutions and in doing so they will have their aspirations raised and their chances of future success increased.

Midhurst Rother College

Midhurst Rother College Website

Midhurst Rother College which currently operates on two sites:

Year 7 to 9
Midhurst Rother College
Wheelbarrow Castle,
West Sussex,
GU29 9AG

Principal - Dr Joe Vitagliano    

Tel - 01730 812371

Year 10 to 13
Midhurst Rother College
North Street
West Sussex
GU29 9DT

Principal - Dr Joe Vitagliano

Tel - 01730 812451


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